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Online Tutorials
Here is a collection of online video tutorials explaining the basic features of Qu-s and how to use them.
This video shows where a note goes when it is hidden, and how one can reactivate it. (0:44 min)
This video explains how a note can be made floating so that it sits above all other windows. (0:18 min)
This video outlines the different options for displaying your notes when you switch-out of Qu-s. (1:13 min)
This tutorial goes through the basic functions of printing and exporting of your notes. (1:28 min)
In this video we go through how to manage notes that have been marked as completed, including allowing Qu-s to automatically file these notes for you. (1:19 min)
Here we have an overview of how to add file, web links and mail messages to your notes, and how to preview and browse these items that you have added. (2:00 min)
This shows you how you can set the behaviour of your projects. (1:34 min)