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Version History
This document outlines the features that have been added to Qu-s over time. For each release, the trial period is reset to the original 10 days.
Version 1.53 - July 2010
    Bug fix release
  • Fixed issues that sometimes caused crashes when deleting links.
  • Fixed issue that generated an error message when opening old notes in trial mode.
Version 1.52 - June 2010
    Bug fix release
  • Issue with the application behaving as a demo version and expiring unexpected resolved.
  • Fixed issue causing problems when switching out of the application.
Version 1.51 - May 2010
    Bug fix release
  • Issues with activating and switching to a new project, after archiving a set of Projects was resolved.
  • A number of crashing issues addressed.
Version 1.5 - November 2009
  • Qu-s is now a universal 32/64-bit executable fully compatible with Snow Leopard.
  • Single notes can be printed and exported directly from the "File" menu.
  • The cursor is automatically placed in the main text area of a note, when the note is created using a menu short cut.
  • Undo has been implemented for deleting of notes.
  • A note can now be transferred to another project.
  • A note, or a group of notes, can be made floating. This makes them always visible, and they will appear on top of all other windows.
  • You can now add a Mail message to a note. Hovering over this link, will preview the text content of the mail message. Clicking on the link will open the message in Mail.
  • Dragging the text of a safari address field onto a note now creates a link item.
  • The internal web browser has once again been reimplemented, and a print option added to it.
  • Many bug fixes and interface improvements including:
  • If a link in a note is partly covered by other windows, the preview window will adjust its position appropriately.
  • Fixed bug caused by deleting a link before it was fully loaded.
  • The Help documentation has been updated, and a PDF users guide, accessible from the Help menu, has been added. Also a set of video Tutorials have been added to the Help menu
Version 1.2 - March 2009
  • Option in Preferences to set the time before Qu-s gets added to the Desktop.
  • Option in Preferences to set the opacity of notes when they get added to the Desktop.
  • Option in Preferences to set the Background image for the full screen mode.
  • Option in Preferences to set whether the colour of a new note would be based on the previously selected note, or the settings in the Preferences.
  • Option in Preferences to change the size of the Previews.
  • Facility to add text tab stops in notes, by pressing Alt-Tab.
  • Added the option of Automatically checking for updates.
  • Re-implemented the facility to preview non-web links, such as images, quicktime and PDF files.
  • PDF and image links will get automatically downloaded into the Projects file.
  • Resolved Issues:
  • Improvements to stability, when using and adding list items.
  • Note now maintain their size between restarts.
  • Issues relating to completed notes set to be filed automatically, not being removed at restart.
  • Issues with changing of text colours in lists
  • Issues with which project becomes active at restart.
Version 1.1 - Jan 2009
  • Support for Firefox
  • Implementation of number of Menu Shortcuts
  • Resolved Issues:
  • Notes disappearing under some circumstances.
  • Crashes associated with deleting all content in a note that has a list item associated with it.
  • Improvements to capturing web pages.
  • Crashes associated with the browser.
  • Improvements to the auto save behaviour, and shortening of times between each save.
  • Resolved issues with position of Notes on multiple screens after restart.
  • Issues with grouping of notes.